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From a small country town in New South Wales, Phoebe moved to Sydney to study at Screenwise. This launched her career in films, plays and commercials. She continues to enhance her craft at Sydney Acting Studio.

Phoebe’s playfulness brings a charm on set that draws attention. Her talent enables her to inhabit a diverse range of characters.

Recently, Phoebe completed her advance diploma at Academy of Film, Television and Theatre. Here she explored her passion for writing and directing. Phoebe wrote and direct four short films and was on numerous sets with various roles including

1st AD, sound and production design.

This knowledge and experience from behind the camera, has allowed Phoebe to gain a better understanding of what a film set demands. She is not only emotionally connected to her characters, but has a technical eye for detail that strengthens her performance.

Phoebe's short films can be found on her production company's website
Hospo Parlour Productions 

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